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JoJo Rock feat Ozzy (The Sowers Group)-Amazing Grace

Original description is following:
You can buy this song on iTunes at http://bit.ly/WSuV2J
All money from the sale of the song goes to my sponsor child Charles from Uganda.

http://JoJoRock.com - Ozzy from The Sowers Group sings on this track with me. This is our African/Hip Hop version of the classic song Amazing Grace.

Ozzy grew up in The Congo Africa. His father died when he was a child his mother was left uneducated with 8 children and little hope of earning an income.

Ozzy was then sponsored through Compassion. He shared his sponsorship with his brother Mike and friend Kosto who are also members of The Sowers Group. They shared the uniform, separated books into individual papers and took turns going to school.

We recorded this song to let the world know that Compassion child sponsorship really works.

Could you help us get this message to the world by sharing on Facebook and Twitter. I would really appreciate it. Thanks


Producer -- Angus Steventon
Vocals - Oswald Basoka
Guitar - Kosto Zahinda
Drums - Matthew Spier
Bass - Jacob Graham
African Percussions - Fode Mane and Rich Cabrita
Keyboards -- Angus Steventon
Mixing -- Trevor Beck
Mastering -- Pete Wallis
Sound engineer -- Andy Mak

Music Video

Director - Raj Dhatt
Director of Photography - Raj Dhatt, Brenton Smith
Camera Operators - Raj Dhatt, Brenton Smith, Titus MacLaren
Editor -- Raj Dhatt


Verse 1
Let me tell you bout a word called Grace,
It's a tale of love for the human race
By a God who wanted to embrace
So he came to earth to meet us face to face
It don't matter who you are or what you've done or where you've been
Because a God of love and amazing grace
Will heal your life and forgive your sin

Verse 2
You see the, key to grace is a little known fact
That the, power comes from giving it back
Lend a, helping hand to spread the light
It don't, take too much to be changing a life
It can be, something small like wearing a smile
I started at I seven when I sponsored a child
You too can make a difference, I know its true
Cause to change the world it all starts with you

Breakdown in Swahili
God was with me when I passed through the very bad situation of my life
What can separate me from his love?
In the fire I didn't burn, in the desert he took care of me.
What an amazing love.

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost but now am found
Was blind, but now I see

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